The taste and freshness of the past

For the Macario family, summer afternoons in the 1950’s Italy were symbolized by Nonna Vittoria, the matron of the family, preparing wonderful home-made drinks for adults and children alike. She used simple, natural ingredients and everyone who tasted her drinks was enchanted by them. The family believed that Vittoria’s drinks deserved a wider public, so they encouraged her to start small-scale commercial production. They were right. It was a genuine success, until she became too old to carry on with the business.

Inspired by Vittoria’s adventure into commerce and by memories of his grandmother and her recipes, one of the Macario grandsons decided to revive the project by recreating the flavours and ambience of that era. Today, Macario is a boutique international brand offering four classic Italian flavours made from the finest ingredients and packaged in original style, in tribute to those carefree moments of the 1950’s.

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