A versatile and delicious olive oil blend

Balducci Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from a blend of olive varieties by skilled tasters, with a multi step quality control program ensuring that all the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced to the same high standard and exceptional taste.


Italian style pasta

Made from high quality Durum Wheat Balducci pasta is great for customers seeking a value for money option.

Balducci is made in Australia and is available in a range of traditional Italian shapes, both long and short pasta in a stylish 12 x 500g pack. For an authentic Italian style pasta with a superior cooking quality, choose Balducci


Authentic sauces for home style cooking

Balducci Sauce range is made with the finest ingredients using authentic home style recipes. There is a great choice of 2 different ‘heat and serve’ flavours and 2 ‘cooking sauce’ flavours. They are the perfect match to serve together with your Balducci pasta.