Nievole for your Cafe

How Nievole can work for your business


Premium, trendy and competitive European style range of food and beverages that can boost your business.
Our products include: coffee, teas and herbal infusions, premium mineral and sparkling water, soft drinks, cakes/desserts, pastas, olive oil and more.


A range of premium brands and blends appealing to different demographics.
Combining the latest technology together with traditional methods and locally roasted coffee, to offer consistent high quality products.


State-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best coffee in every cup.
We also offer reliable technical support to guarantee optimal performance of your machines.


All of our sales staff are fully trained baristas.
Their passion for coffee will make them go the extra mile to support you every step of the way.


We offer a range of Barista training, including accredited courses that will upskill your staff.


It’s all about making your business stand out from the crowd and enhancing your customers’ experience.
This is why we offer a full suite of premium branded merchandise; from umbrellas, windbreaks, apparel, premium cups suite, through to sugar sticks and more.