A Taste of Italy

Fratelli Pasticceria offers a gourmet selection of small Cakes, Biscuits and Sweet Breads handcrafted using the finest ingredients and traditional Italian recipes.

Fratelli commissioned an experienced Italian Patisserie chef from Bologna to capture and deliver in all the Fratelli range of products the authentic Italian flavours.

As you bite into the crisp crunchy Patisserie custard cream filled Cannoli shell, or the ever popular traditional Sicilian Ricotta cream filled counterpart, your taste buds are sent into a frenzy from the smooth texture and the delicate flavours.

This flavoursome experience is mirrored across the whole Fratelli product range of cakes and biscuits.

Fratelli Cakes, Biscuits and Sweet Breads have been developed to give the consumer a true Taste of Italy.

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A Gourmet selection* of fine Italian recipe biscuits and small cakes, made in Australia from the finest quality ingredients.

Fratelli products are available in South Australia only.

Cannoli Ricotta

Traditional cannoli shell filled with either sweet creamy ricotta or patisserie creme.

Box of 5

Strawberry Tart

Chocolate butter shortpaste tart filled with Strega soaked sponge lemon patisserie custard, topped with strawberries.

Box of 4

Chocolate Éclair

Éclair filled with chocolate patisserie cream glazed with chocolate fondant.

Box of 6

Coffee Éclair

Éclair filled with patisserie coffee cream flavour, glazed with coffee fondant and a chocolate drizzle.

Box of 6

Chocolate Roulade

Chocolate sponge rolled with chocolate butter cream and coated with chocolate.

Box of 4

Almond Roulade

Vanilla sponge rolled with butter cream and coated with almonds.

Box of 4

Citron Tart

Small round butter shortpaste tart filled with rich lemon custard, topped with a sliver of candied peel.

Box of 4

Mini Rum Baba

A small yeast cake soaked in a rum sugar syrup and filled with patisserie cream.

Box of 6

Chocolate Slice

Flaky pastry top and bottom filled with layers of chocolate butter cream and Strega soaked sponge.

Box of 4

Hazelnut Slice

Flaky pastry with layers of hazelnut butter cream and Strega soaked sponge, topped with roasted hazelnuts.

Box of 4

Duchesse Biscuit

Slightly sweet butter shortbread with mild orange flavour profile, and part dipped in dark chocolate.

Box of 12

Erice Biscuit

Made from egg whites & marzipan with a mild orange flavour and almond flakes. Shaped into a crescent and baked.

Box of 12

Mandorlone Biscuit

A complex biscuit of almonds, hazelnut and egg whites. Hand moulded and coated in flaked almonds.

Box of 20

Cantuccini (Biscotti)

Traditional Italian twice cooked almond and hazelnut biscuit.


For further information regarding the Fratelli range or to place an order, please contact the
Customer Service Centre on 1300 300 032 or email orders@balfours.com.au
Your query will be passed to the relevant Sales Representative for your area. Fratelli products are available in South Australia only.

*Our range is subject to change without notice. Please contact your sales representative for further information.